Sunday, March 13, 2016

Updated Living Room Interior Design 2014

Living room interior design 2014 is good to make your living room style updated. The place will be old fashioned if you never make an update. Don’t worry; you do not have to use much money on the pocket. You just have to think about the new color on the floor, wall, ceiling and furniture to bring simple and affordable updates. The combination of color on those features should be in harmony. If the color looks jumbled, you can find busy feeling in the living.
Those who love with fresh and modern flair can use the combos of lime green, white, and black. The wall color should come in white accent because it will be easy for you to accessories it with pictures and sculpture. The sectional sofa can come in lime green accent. It can deliver an attraction when people sit on your living room. You can have the framework of the furniture in black color. When decorating the ceiling, you just have to be unproblematic Avoid the bold color for it can make your living room look lower. You can go with white accent on the ceiling to make the living room higher with living room interior design 2014. The ceiling can be decorated with dark brown crown molding.

 Those who want to enjoy a cozy style in the living room need to use the warm shades. You can have the family feel the comfort if the wall is painted in sunny yellow, beige or tan. The furniture pieces can be made from wood. You just have to decorate the sectional sofa with patterned toss pillows to avoid any plain design. There is no need to choose the expensive fabric for the upholstery on the sofa. You can go with faux suede or leather to decorate the living room interior design 2014.

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