Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spacious Living Room Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Living room decorating ideas for apartments should carry the spacious feeling. The first thing that you need to do is assessing the dimension in the apartment. Not all people are lucky to live inside a big apartment. Most of them have to end up a tiny and slummy apartment. You can make the living room cute and fresh with a simple decoration. Don’t worry I will never ask you to spend a lot of cash. You just have to use the simplest and cheapest design. Find out a paint color on the stores. It usually is sold under $30. You have to decide the color to apply on the wall and ceiling.
The floor can come in wooden tone. You can have the warm shades on the wall to bring the cozy feeling. A light color such as white or beige can be placed on the ceiling. Many people always focus on the wall without thinking that ceiling is also important. If you have more cash, it will be beautiful if you can add a simple crown molding on the ceiling border. Living room decorating ideas for apartments look nice with a new window curtain. This item is sold in various stores. You do not need to purchase an expensive curtain. Choose the lightweight one without any decorative accent.


ou can have a simple blind or shutter to locate on the curtain rail. If you want flattering look when you open the window in the morning, you can install a chiffon curtain.  Choose the plain pattern. If you go with busy pattern it can make the living room look overwhelmed. Simplicity should be protected when you live in a small apartment. You can do it by keeping all items in the living room such as curtain, area rug, wall and furniture simple and easy. If you want to add bold statement on living room decorating ideas for apartments, you can use it by installing a fireplace area or a wall mounted TV.

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