Saturday, March 12, 2016

Monochromatic Colors In Contemporary Living Room Pictures

Contemporary living room pictures can define the room with monochromatic colors. This color type is very adorable and fun. The lighter wall can impress people with bigger dimension on your small living room if you live in a condo or apartment. Try to make it bigger with this effortless decoration. You just have to change the old colored with the light and fresh one. Avoid white if you think that it is too stark. You can opt for a colored wall in beige, cream, sandy coral, peach or soft grey.

The monochromatic color is good when you have the ceiling and wall decorated with light tone, while the floor is treated in dark color. The contrasting look can make your wall appear idea and the ceiling look taller. Contemporary living room pictures also give you the ideas when choosing the furniture pieces. You need to pick the multitasking trait. It means that the furniture should serve double function. You can place a coffee table in the center area. Pick the one with storage space located under neat the coffee table. It can be used to collect your magazines or even newspaper.

 A glass coffee table is more preferable for it can reflect light n the room. Avoid the opaque table design. If you want to make the sofa look new, you can install a new slipcover, you can pick it based on the color or even style. Now let’s talk about the accessories in the living room. You can place a mirror on the wall for bigger impression.  Hanging TV on the wall can be hidden to keep the room simple and neat. A vertical lamp with metal frame is also great for additional lighting. It can be used for a dim feeling when you want to set the mood based on the style in contemporary living room pictures.

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