Saturday, March 12, 2016

Modern Living Room Design Ideas With Simple Decor

Modern living room design ideas     have one rule that less is more. It gives us a hint that you should never decorate the living room with a lot of items, accessories, and centerpieces. You have to keep the living room in simple and tranquil state. The placement of wall hanging should be minimal.  When purchasing new furniture pieces, you need to find out the style. When you choose carved designed furniture, you break the rule of less is more in modern living room.
You can have the dramatic accent in the living room. However, you need to choose the subdued and neutral tone. To carry a socking effect in the living room, you can decorate it with combos of white, black and red. You can pick white as the wall and ceiling color. This neutral tone makes your room bigger. Why people have to choose white as the color on the wall is due to the minimalism. It enables you to carry flexible decoration on the wall. You can adorn the white wall with red colored throw rug or a red framed mirror. If you hate red, you can choose paler color such as mint green, pale blue or lavender.

 The middle area of the living room can be placed with two love seats and a coffee table. You can make the living room bigger by installing a framed mirror on the wall. You can have it in frameless design. If you have some artwork collections, place them on the wall. However, you need to ensure that they will never make the wall cluttered. A floral arrangement is not forbidden on the coffee table. You just have to give accent in modern living room by having a single vase of flower. A floor lamp is perfect to have. You just have to locate it near the love seats.

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