Saturday, March 12, 2016

Contemporary Living Room Ideas Small Space With Combos of Light and Bold Shades

Contemporary living room ideas small space cannot accommodate a lot of people. We know that it can create a dilemma when many guests want to meet you at your small home. You do not have a big living room to make them sit comfortably on the sofa and chairs. There is no need to be embarrassed about this situation because you can make the living room fantastic and big based on the perfect layout. If your living room is separated with the dining room or kitchen with wall, I suggest you to break it. It will be fun to have the living room combined with the kitchen and dining room.
When you want to have a festive celebration in the Christmas and Easter, you have more time to accommodate the people. The combined living room, dining room, and kitchen are called as a great room. The main thing to do is avoiding any solid wall or any permanent room divider among the room. You can create privacy by using a curtain, potted plants, a bookcase or even paper screen in contemporary living room ideas small space.  When the guests come to your house, they will never feel uncomfortable because they can sit well on the modern sofa.
  To make it bigger, you can apply light tone on the wall. It can be in beige, peach, sandy coral, off white, soft grey and periwinkle blue. Since the wall color is in light tone, you need to combine it with dark tone. You can have the door, window, and furniture pieces decorated in similar paint such as black, dark brown, or even navy blue. People choose a dark color to apply on the furniture to bring contrasting look. You need to know that a contrasting color in contemporary living room ideas small space is allowed to carry vibrant effect.

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